Rail Nation Winter Event 2021


Dear community,


The Winter Event is returning to bring you an interesting challenge and, of course, lots of little rewards!

You don’t know what the Winter Event is? You can read more about it HERE, and it will also be explained in the game.

The Winter Event will be active between 10th and 21st December. You can find a complete list of all participating game worlds HERE.

Please note that Masters 4 game worlds are also excluded from the Winter Event.


You can now check your diamonds and ranking in the new diamond ranking page in the lobby:


Please note: Last year, we had a Winter Event Bundle in the shop, which sold a small amount of winter resources. But this year, the bundle will no longer be part of the event.


Fancy a little more adventure?

To make the best of this year’s Winter Event, join us on Discord between 16th and 18th December for a super-fun mini-event: Frosty’s Winter Wonderland. We know you had a lot of fun with Lucy’s Souvenir Shop and you requested to have the mini-games back. We listened to you and we’ve prepared a surprise for you to play and chat with other members of the community. Join the Discord server now!


Enjoy a hot drink and keep yourselves warm!


Your Rail Nation Team

Mobile development roadmap

Dear players,


In June 2021, we announced that we would stop all content development and product care to focus instead on mobile development. Understandably, this has caused frustration within the Rail Nation community, with many people wanting answers due to the lack of information shared or the feeling of being kept in the dark. For that, we sincerely apologise and will do our utmost to keep you updated more often, starting with this communication.


This post aims to give you, the players, more transparency as to why it’s taking so long, why we need to focus on mobile and, more importantly, when you can expect to see the new app for Rail Nation.


Why is it taking so long?


Firstly, the way we originally developed the Rail Nation app was perfect for its time, but now it is very outdated according to current industry standards. Consequently, the service providers we use, such as Google and the Apple Store, will soon stop providing support for the technology, as these providers are switching to app bundles. This means the app needs to be completely re-coded to support a new app client. Our current client is based on old Flash code, and to be compliant with the new app bundle technology, we need to move to HAXE Mobile.


Secondly, there is a strain on time and resources. Right now, we only have one full-time dedicated member of the Rail Nation team responsible for re-coding the entire game. However, we do have approximately three non-mobile developers supporting where possible. When they are not collaborating with the mobile team, the three non-mobile developers continuously work on quality assurance, server maintenance and scenario roll-out. At the beginning of the year, we had three dedicated mobile developers supporting the mobile app. However, over the course of the year, we have seen this number reduced to one. When you consider the added factor that hiring developers with the skills to work on HAXE Mobile has proven to be near impossible, you can get an impression of why everything is taking such a long time. As the situation currently stands, we are dependent on this one developer not only to work on this re-coding, but also to continue to maintain the current mobile app with all the fixes and updates we need to implement.


Finally, Google and their upcoming restrictions have caused us significant delays. Google wants to redesign how they host their apps on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately for us, the client that Rail Nation currently uses will no longer be compatible with Google’s planned redesign. This gives us a far shorter time frame to take care of the updates Rail Nation needs, hence our earlier statement on needing to shift resources to get this done on time.


Even though we’ve outlined the main reasons for the delays, we can confidently say that development is currently on schedule, and we are making significant progress. Nevertheless, Rail Nation must adapt and evolve to more modern technologies and processes. We will continue to work on this to give you, the players, the best experience possible.


With this transparency on the situation, we hope we have provided the much-needed clarity and understanding that you, the players, wanted. Now let’s move on to why we need to focus on mobile development in the first place.


Why do we need to focus on mobile development?


Simply put, our technology is getting too old, and Rail Nation needs to adapt. In the third quarter of 2022, Google and Android will no longer continue to support what we currently have. So, there is a limited time frame to get this done; otherwise, Rail Nation cannot continue to be updated.


We’re fully aware of the long list of bugs that need to be resolved. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, we’re working on a very tight deadline and need to be as efficient as possible to ensure the update is as successful as it can be.


To be very clear: once mobile development is complete and we’ve successfully updated Rail Nation, there will still be bugs, even though many have been fixed. The most important thing right now is to give Rail Nation the necessary update to ensure we can continue updating the game, fixing bugs and bringing out new content for the future for you all to enjoy. Soon after its release, we intend to have a bug-fixing phase and a series of updates.


Why are you still releasing content (career engine upgrades and new workers)?


Simply put: it’s because those updates were achievable without impacting mobile development. We have one mobile developer, but our other developers were still available to support the creation of minor content updates. To give you some context, the new “Entry of Legends” worker update was initially planned to be a more significant, more developer-intensive, new map/scenario. However, due to the mobile development, we needed to reduce it to something a lot simpler and easier to implement. We also have a long list of new features and content plans, which are all on hold because of the impacts on mobile development.

It’s similar to the career engine upgrades; the development effort was minor and had no impact on mobile development.


Provided the impact on mobile development is slight or negligible, we can still work on small content updates and bug fixes (which we continue to do). But the majority of content and bug fixes that both we and the players want require significant developer input, which would delay the completion of mobile development.


Even with the focus on mobile development, it’s important for us to continue bringing new content to the game on a small scale, to keep the game challenging and enjoyable for you, the players. This is also why we run our focus groups and surveys – to make sure that whatever small updates we planned were appealing to the players.


When can you expect the new app?


You can expect the beta app for the Google Play Store at the beginning of the first quarter of 2022. Joining the beta will require participants to sign up via a survey, which will be sent out towards the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. There are no limits on participation, so we would encourage as many of you on Android to sign up as possible. The more people who participate, the more we can fine-tune and polish Rail Nation to be the best it possibly can be. We’re focusing on the Android player base first as it is the largest, and the Google beta services are currently more efficient to use. The decision regarding an iOS beta is still to be made and will also depend on the results of the Android beta app.


The beta will run for approximately three months for compatibility testing and to ensure it works on as many devices as possible. Once the beta is live, mobile development would be advanced enough to shift focus to product care, bug fixes, UX, onboarding and server support etc.

Thanks to the beta testing feature Google provides, you’ll be able to opt-in and out of the beta whenever you like. Essentially, you can log in and play as you usually would without having to commit your account to playing only on the beta app. However, there will be an option in the beta to “opt out” and return to the non-beta version of the app.  So, for example, if you report an issue, you could opt out of the beta and continue to play outside until it’s fixed and then opt back in again.


So long as no significant setbacks are identified in the beta phase, the plan is for full release within the first quarter of 2022.  The released version will be the base form of the app, which will be functional and playable depending on the beta updates we implement. However, we intend to roll out a patch soon after release for any issues identified in the beta that require additional work. Overall, the new app will be an improvement on the previous one. We still expect some old issues to be present, which we intend to resolve as part of our product care updates. Of course, as with anything like this, new bugs may exist, and we will be working hard to identify them and fix them as and when they come up.


We know this is a lot to digest, but we hope this overview and transparency on the matter has given you all some much-needed clarity. We appreciate your continued patience and will update you as soon as we can tell you more.


Your Rail Nation Team

Welcome to Rail Nation Masters 4!



The time has finally come. The most significant event in Rail Nation history is coming back and better than ever. We’ve got some exciting changes, new achievements and much more! So, are you ready to prove yourself? The race is on! We’ve got all the details you need, so let’s get started.

What is Rail Nation Masters?

For all you newer players to the Rail Nation universe, Rail Nation Masters is one of the biggest, most competitive events, held annually, where you’ll register to play in tournaments against players from all around the world in a battle for fame, prestige, and prizes. It’s in these events that you’ll prove your skills to their fullest and be crowned as one of the best Rail Nation players in the world! These events are called:

  • Rising Stars
  • Allstars


Allstars: For the 2 star+ ranked players, Rail Nation Allstars is split into qualification rounds, with a grand final qualification held in January 2022. Here, the maximum number of participants is 3500, first-come, first-serve.

Rising Stars: For the –0-1 star Rail Nation players, Rising Stars is a single game round and has a maximum number of 2500 participants, also on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Clash! Is back! Whether or not you take part in Allstars or Rising Stars, everyone can play Clash! If you’re new to it, Clash! is a mini-game that’s played in the Lobby. In Clash! you face two opponents on a triangular map. You must navigate from industry to industry, collect goods and destroy your rivals’ routes. Whoever’s the first to collect ten goods successfully will win!

Please note: You can only register for one of these events, Allstars or Rising Stars.

The better you are at Rail Nation, the higher up the ranking you’ll climb! If you’re new, though, don’t worry about not being able to enter Allstars; Rising Stars is just as competitive and a place where you’ll use every ounce of your strategic skill! Should you participate in Allstars or Rising Stars, you’ll also receive unique avatar items for free!

Gold transfer to Masters servers is not possible, however gold can be transferred away from Masters servers after the servers end. This includes transferring gold to the finals server on All Stars. For more information, please click HERE

Due to the highly competitive nature of both these events, you need to be quick to register before spaces go! Now that’s cleared up, let’s talk about what’s new in Masters 4.



We can’t talk about one of the most competitive Rail Nation events of the year without discussing the rewards! Below you’ll find a table outlining what prizes you can win during Rising Stars, Allstars, and Clash!

This isn’t all the rewards, though...

We’ve got something extra special for Rail Nation players this year. Read on to find out!


Competition Category Result Prize
Rising Stars Single Players Rank 1 10,000 Gold
Rising Stars Single Players Rank 2 8,000 Gold
Rising Stars Single Players Rank 3 7,000 Gold
Rising Stars Single Players Rank 4-10 6,000 Gold
Rising Stars Single Players Rank 11-20 3,000 Gold
Rising Stars Associations Rank 1 3,500 Gold
Rising Stars Associations Rank 2 2,000 Gold
Rising Stars Associations Rank 3 1,000 Gold
Allstars Single Players Rank 1 10,000 Gold
Allstars Single Players Rank 2 8,000 Gold
Allstars Single Players Rank 3 7,000 Gold
Allstars Single Players Rank 4-10 6,000 Gold
Allstars Single Players Rank 11-20 3,000 Gold
Allstars Associations Rank 1 3,500 Gold
Allstars Associations Rank 2 2,000 Gold
Allstars Associations Rank 3 1,000 Gold
Clash! Single Players Rank 1 3,500 Gold
Clash! Single Players Rank 2 2,000 Gold
Clash! Single Players Rank 3 1,000 Gold




What’s new in Masters 4?


This year, we’ve made some exciting changes and additions to Masters 4; these are:


More achievements! The requirement to earn achievements has also been adjusted. You can see the full changes HERE

Trainspotter avatars! The first-place winners from Allstars, Rising stars, and Clash! will be guaranteed a unique trainspotter avatar! The Rail Nation team will then pick two participants from each league at random for a total of nine new trainspotter avatars to be added to Rail Nation.

Note: The trainspotters will use their in-game username only, not their real name. Winners will be given a photo submission guideline outlining what is deemed acceptable as a trainspotter photo. The photos need to be submitted within two weeks; otherwise, we will pick a new winner.

Unique community event! You heard us! We’ve got a special community event currently planned for 20th December. Join us for Christmas Clash! Community vs the Rail Nation staff. You better bring your A-game; we won’t be holding back!


Now you know what’s new, let’s get to those all-important dates!

Important dates and times

  • Pre-registration for Allstars: 9th December, 2 pm CET.
  • Pre-registration for Rising Stars: 12th December, 2 pm CET.
  • Allstars server begins: 10th December, 2 pm CET.
  • Rising Stars server begins: 13th December, 2 pm CET.
  • Clash! 16th December, 2pm CET


Whether you’re a hardcore veteran or new to Rail Nation, Masters 4 has something for everyone. Anyone looking for a challenge will be in their element here – whether on Rising Stars, Allstars, or Clash!


Good luck!


Your Rail Nation Team


Rail Nation: Entry Of Legends

Dear players,

Get ready. New legends and a legendary locomotive are about to enter Rail Nation!

As Sir Isaac Newton famously said: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Soon, you’ll be able to stand alongside the giants, as nine of the greatest iconic pioneers in their respective fields will join Rail Nation! Take your association to new heights with Neil Armstrong, go the distance with Emil Zatopek or deliver greatness with Henry Ford; the choice is yours. These unique legends will arrive with three different effects! If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a brand-new production series you’ll be able to unlock for free!

Read on for dates and more details.


New workers 

Here are your nine new workers:

1st Effect: 50% higher rewards for competitions

  • Era 1-2: Pierre de Coubertin

  • Era 3-4: Emil Zatopek

  • Era 5-6: Niki Lauda


2nd Effect: 100% faster acceleration

  • Era 1-2: Isaac Newton

  • Era 3-4: Konstantin Ziolkowski

  • Era 5-6: Neil Armstrong



3rd Effect: +50% prestige for deliveries to industries and warehouses/harbours

  • Era 1-2: Henry Ford

  • Era 3-4: Oskar Schindler

  • Era 5-6: Yves Rocher

We’re excited to see how your association will use these nine new legends and their bonuses!


New production series 

It’s time for a new legendary locomotive to enter Rail Nation. This magnificent engine was completed in 1848 by Henschel & Son. With an output of around 250 hp, it was vastly superior to other locomotives of the time. So, without further ado, here’s your latest production series for the Raven.

  • Era: 1
  • In-game train: Raven
  • Real name: Dragon
  • Country of origin: Germany

You’ll be able to unlock this production series for free! You just need to log in between 25th November and 6th December 2021 to add this train to your collection.


Update release 

Below you can find the important dates for when this update goes live. They are as follows:

  • First server update: 16th November 2021
  • Last server update: 25th November 2021
  • The update will be applied to currently active servers once they restart



Community event  

Between 9th and 16th November, we’ll be hosting a series of “Legend Quizzes” on our Discord server!

 The Legend Quizzes will be available in English, German, Russian, Polish, Czech and French.

For more details, be sure to join the relevant regional channels on the Discord server. You can join the Discord server by clicking HERE 

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new workers and seeing you in the quizzes.


Your Rail Nation Team

New achievement ranks will become available soon!

Update out 21/10/2021

Dear players,

As you may have noticed, we recently added several new upgrades to the career engine. This was just the first step of a bigger plan. Now we want to make sure that all of you can progress smoothly in your career and get your hands on some of the upgrades you may still be missing.

Many of you who have been with us for a long time have already maxed out a lot of achievements, but so far, there’s not a single player who has collected them all. We noticed that the remaining achievements are often almost impossible to obtain, either because they are incredibly challenging or require you to play in a way or in a scenario you do not particularly enjoy.

We, therefore, went through all the existing achievements, selected 24 of them and added 5 additional ranks to each. We made sure that our selection has a nice and balanced variety. Many of them are still hard to achieve, but depending on your playstyle, there is sure to be something for everyone – even for that one player who managed to collect over 100,000 medals.

You can find the complete list of updated achievements HERE.

Please keep in mind that the requirements for rank 11-15 of these achievements are, in many cases, much harder than for the previous 10 ranks, and the steps between those ranks are far greater. This is because these ranks are mainly relevant to players who have been with us for a long time. As we mentioned, many of you have already achieved impressive progress in some categories.
At the same time, we want to make sure that the new ranks are not immediately maxed out, so we set the requirements high enough to avoid that. Nevertheless, you might notice that you have already fulfilled the requirements for some (but not all) of the new ranks. We did this intentionally and set many requirements for the ranks 11-13 (and 14, in rare cases) to values that some of you have already achieved; where this is true, you will get those achievements immediately!

Enjoy the free career points; you deserve them!

Rail Nation – Origin Journey x2

Dear players,

Holidays. We know first-hand how stressful they can be. Endless amounts of planning, research and time are involved even before you begin your trip, never mind the potential last-minute cancellations!

Well, what if we told you we’d taken care of all that for you? All the tension and uncertainty – gone. What if we’ve got the perfect, stress-free, relaxing train journey waiting just for you, all possible from the comfort of home? No pressure, no cancellations, it’s safe, and we’ll even guarantee it takes place.

We’ve got just that for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab your comfiest clothes; your relaxing Origin Journey is about to begin.

What is Origin Journey?

For those who might be experiencing Origin Journey for the first time, let give you an overview of some of the exclusive features and sights you’ll experience on your trip.

The entire scenario is themed around the location of Rail Nation’s creation, the German-speaking “DACH” region.

Taking place on the Classic map, you’ll be treated to beautiful views of 50 landmarks and 50 cities from around Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

You’ll also experience some of the local culture with 11 new goods (replacing some Classic goods) and new product chains. While you enjoy the culture, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet some of the locals with new workers, related to the new goods.

The upcoming version of Origin Journey has the additional perk of being x2 speed, which means you can experience and explore the fabulous sights of the DACH region more quickly, though it also means you need to work faster in a smaller timeframe. 1 week per era + endgame to be exact. To help you make the most out of your whirlwind tour of the Origin Journey game world, you’ll also have access to a very useful tool. The daily power bonus will grant you access to unique 24-hour bonuses to help boost your experience for a short time. Don’t like the bonus you got? Don’t stress, you can simply re-roll for a small amount of Gold. Beware though, the more you re-roll, the more Gold it will cost.

Origin Journey x2 will only be one round, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to grab a seat and start experiencing the journey.




Server starts

Please ensure you are ready to embark on your trip across the Origin Journey game worlds by checking the departure boards below for your chosen region:

Don’t miss your departure time, mark the date in your calendar, and plan your relaxing trip now!

Want to make the most out of your journey? Why not take a tour?

Join our wonderful conductor tour guide, Lucy from the 6th until the 16th for a virtual sightseeing tour brought to you via our Twitter account . During the tour, Lucy will be dropping hints and leaving souvenirs from the Origin Journey game worlds across 10 locations for you to find and screenshot.

Each day she’ll visit a new location and leave a new souvenir which you’ll need to collect (via screenshot) and submit as part of a Gleam giveaway . Every time you name the souvenir location and screenshot it, you’ll be entered into the giveaway. So the more times you enter, the more likely you are to win!

Don’t have access to Twitter? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the tour by joining our Discord server and looking at the #Social-Media channel.

All submissions made before 16th October by 14:00 (CEST) will then be entered into a draw to win one of the following prizes:


1st – Rail Nation duck, mug, pin set and T-shirt + in-game goodies: 500 Gold, 10 lottery tickets, 10 engine vouchers, 10 track vouchers, 10 waggon vouchers, 10 instant building upgrade vouchers

2nd – In-game goodies bundle: 300 Gold, 10 lottery tickets, 10 engine vouchers, 10 waggon vouchers

3rd – In-game goodies bundle: 200 Gold, 10 lottery tickets, 5 engine vouchers, 5 waggon vouchers

BONUS: Once 500 participants submit answers via the Gleam link, a community-wide bonus code will be unlocked!


  1. By taking part in this Gleam giveaway, you give your consent that your personal information (such as name, shipping details and shirt size) may be collected and used for the sole purpose of shipping rewards if you are selected as a 1st-place winner.
  2. By taking part in this Gleam giveaway, you give your consent that you may be contacted by the Rail Nation team.
  3. Answers can be submitted in any of the following languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Italian, Polish. You may only make a submission in one region; multiple region submissions will result in disqualification.
  4. Only two daily entries (screenshot and text) are allowed per person.
  5. The screenshot should be no bigger than 150 MB.


Useful links






Frequent pre-journey checks

Where and how do I transfer my Gold? – Any Gold from the previous Origin Journey round will automatically be available to transfer to the new Origin Journey x2 game worlds of the same region. For more information please read the article: “How to transfer Gold in Rail Nation.”

What game world region should I play on? – If there’s a game world for your specific region (i.e. DE or RU etc.), you should join one of those game worlds. If not, you should join the international game world

Will there be any bonus codes? – Yes, if 500 people participate in the community event, a global bonus code will be unlocked and who knows, perhaps there may even be more! 😊 Keep an eye on our communication platforms for more details (Discord, Facebook, and Twitter).

The Rail Nation gear store is live!

Dear players,


Get your official Rail Nation merchandise NOW!


Go full steam ahead into our gear store and view our wide range of goods and premium products. Experience our timeless and elegantly designed T-shirts, sure to fit (almost) any occasion – providing you with excellent comfort using sustainable materials. The sleek mouse pad and notebook are just a click away, ensuring precision and fine note-taking especially when the endgame starts. After all, you need to make your calculations somewhere!


Proudly show your achievements and wear our collectable pins, ideal for future train journeys and more. Go quackers for our amazingly cute Rail Nation-themed duck who’s just waiting to be given a new home. The duck even comes with an excellent conductor whistle, great for announcing train departures or the beginning of a new server! Finally, turn your shelf into a statement piece with the iconic acrylic career engine that’s sure to be an interesting conversation starter in your home.


We’re thrilled with our incredible product range and we hope you are too! Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran player, we’re sure to have something perfect for you. Visit the store, discover our collection, and bring Rail Nation into your home today.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. For now, though…


Enjoy the gear store!


Your Rail Nation Team


FAQs: Questions about the Gear Store


Question: Regarding the recent changes to VAT/customs duties for orders from outside the EU, is the store located in the EU and will I have to pay VAT/customs duties?
Answer: VAT is charged when placing the order. If the goods are exported, the customs duties specified in the country of delivery will be subsequently charged.


Question: My parcel hasn’t arrived. What should I do?
Answer: Please get in touch with our Customer Service, and they will obtain information to help solve the problem.


Question: Which payment methods are available?
Answer: You can choose between the following payment methods: credit card, Amazon Pay, PayPal, American Express and advance invoice.


Question: Are gift cards available, or can I purchase and send an item to a friend?
Answer: Currently, no gift cards are available.


Question: What should I do if there is an issue with an item I ordered?
Please get in touch with our Customer Service, and they will obtain information to help solve the problem.


Question: What is the returns policy?
Answer: You can promptly return your items within 14 days after receiving your goods under the conditions stated in our terms and conditions (including the cancellation policy). You bear the costs of returns.


Question: What is the expected delivery time after an item has been ordered? How soon will it be shipped?
Answer: In Germany, delivery takes between 2-3 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in Germany) after receiving payment.

If you order several items in one order for which different delivery times apply, we will send the goods in one shipment unless we have agreed otherwise with you.  In this case, the longest delivery time in your order will apply to the shipment of all the goods.

Shipping to EU countries occurs within 3-7 business days.


Question: Is it possible to modify my order after the payment is made?

Answer: Once the payment is made, there is no option to modify your order. If changes are necessary, please contact Customer Service to cancel your order and place a new one.


Question: Are there additional costs for the delivery once shipped?
Answer: If the package cannot be delivered because the information was incorrect, the reshipment will be charged again. If you want to return something, you pay the cost of the return transport.


Question: How are the delivery costs calculated?
Answer: Delivery costs are charged per country zone. For further information, please take a look here: (shipping link).


Question: Why won’t my payment screen load? [aka player did not enable pop ups]
Answer: Please clear your browser cache and cookies to load the screen correctly. If this does not help, our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you.


Question: What are the delivery times for each continent?
Answer: For detailed requests, please get in touch with our Customer Service team.




Summer Event: Trip Across The Nations

Summer is here at last.

The once dormant greenish trees are now swaying in the distance as a cool breeze passes through your home, refreshing you in the early morning. You peer outside your window, excited. Another beautiful day full of opportunities and choices.

Whether you took a vacation outside or a staycation inside, it did not matter as long as you followed the usual safety procedures. Then, with a final deep breath of fresh air, you move from the window to your train-themed calendar, circling another date in red pen.

Your exciting trip was about to begin.


Dear players,

We are delighted to announce Rail Nation – Trip Across The Nations; the new exciting event packed full of in-game rewards earned by working together as a community. So, where will you be going?


How it works

From July 23rd, 14:00 CEST to August 13th, 14:00 CEST, you will see a milestone map with various iconic tourist destinations. Each landmark represents a community region and will be unlocked once each community has completed the required tasks to unlock it by the deadline provided. This will happen once a week, for 3 weeks. To find your tasks, head to your regional Discord or forum to get started.

To complete the tasks and get the rewards, you will need to work together with your region to progress and meet the various milestones. Once a region has completed their tasks, the milestone map will be updated. If all regional communities complete their tasks before the deadline, the rewards will be unlocked for everyone! Further details about the timings, deadlines for task completion, and rewards are below.

During this event, outstanding recognition will be given to one player who has contributed the most and will become the Community Conductor for July. As this is a community event, players can compete and support multiple regions if they want to!



Here’s what you’ll be able to earn as a community each week for three weeks should all regional tasks be completed!

Week 1: Bonus code unlocks – Deadline – July 30th

  • 24 hours Plus Account
  • 3 track vouchers
  • 3 lottery tickets

Week 2: Bonus code unlocks – Deadline – August 6th

  • 48 hours Plus Account
  • 3 engine vouchers
  • 3 lottery tickets
  • 1 bonus engine upgrade

Week 3: Bonus code unlocks – Deadline August 13th

  • 72 hours Plus Account
  • 5 lottery tickets
  • 3 engine vouchers
  • 3 wagon vouchers
  • 1 bonus engine upgrade


Send us your postcards!

Back in 2017, we asked you to send us your postcards from all over the world, and received an unbelievable amount of them, resulting in one of our favorite videos being created (Rail Nation – Postcards). So, with all the travelling that can happen in certain countries worldwide, we’re bringing it back, but with a slight twist. As always, please make sure that if you are travelling during this time, you take care.

Can’t travel or would simply prefer a staycation? No problem! You can either send us a postcard from where you live or design a digital postcard of your own using the template provided! (click here for the template). If you decide to design your own postcard, be sure to email it to rnpostcards@railnation.de before the date of the August stream (still to be announced).

During the upcoming August live stream, Bruno, our Game Designer, will be selecting his top 5 postcards! His number 1 choice will become the Community Conductor for August! Postcards that have not been chosen during the stream will be made into another one of our lovely video showcases. Players wishing to mail their postcards should send them to the below address.


Bruno – Game Designer
Bright Future GmbH
Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56
50968 Köln

We hope you enjoy the event. We look forward to seeing your postcards, and more importantly, seeing where your travels take you during this time.


Have a safe onward journey!

Your Rail Nation Team

Our plans for the coming months

Dear players,

This very unusual year is slowly nearing its end, but we’re not done yet! There are still a lot of great things to come and we are already preparing for the next year.

So, enjoy our latest news!


Platform X – Working Class Heroes: Round 2

As we already announced in the last blog post about Platform X, all the game worlds for this event will restart. You therefore have the chance to perfect your strategy in a second attempt or, if you missed the first round, get a last opportunity to test this unique scenario. You can check the start dates here: Link


The Winter Event

Is 2020 making it hard for you get in the winter holiday mood? No worries, we’ve got your back! The Winter Event is returning to bring you an interesting challenge and, of course, lots of little rewards!

You don’t know what the Winter Event is? You can read more about it HERE and it will also be explained in the game.

The Winter Event will be active between 10th and 18th December. You can find a complete list of all game worlds that are participating HERE.


Rail Nation: Origin Journey


Early next year, Origin Journey will be making a comeback. It’s been a while since the last round and many of you have been asking for it. So we’re looking forward to launch this event again in January/February 2021 in the original 1x speed version.
You don’t know what Origin Journey is? Find out HERE. The exact start dates will be announced soon.


…and more!


Besides the events above, there are many other things going on!
We’ll be welcoming several new team members to our game team. We’re working on a new shop feature and improving rewards for watching videos in your station. What’s more, we’ve started tackling the important task of polishing the mobile version of Rail Nation and we’re working on a concept for the second episode of Platform X… and much more! Stay tuned for more exciting news in the future!


Your Rail Nation Team

XXL Performance Update


Dear players,

You probably remember the XXL update in September, when we fixed around 300 bugs. When we announced this update, we also mentioned that our next focus would be the browser version’s performance, i.e. speed and loading times.

We’re happy to report that this work from the Rail Nation team has paid off greatly. We were able to implement some valuable improvements in the form of optimisations to various parts of the game. While some game functions only received small improvements, we could drastically reduce loading times for others, making your experience playing Rail Nation that much smoother. On average, our measurements show that the general performance of the game has improved by 24%!

For instance, we were able to reduce the average loading time for the association window by 45% and the loading time for the “buy train” screen by 40%, which is far better compared to previous loading times.

This is a great step in the right direction, and we’ll be curious to know your thoughts and feedback once these performance updates arrive. As always, the roll-out is divided into several stages: Rollout plan


After completing this update, the next technical milestone is the mobile version of Rail Nation. We’ll let you know more about that once development has progressed further.

Take care and stay healthy.

Your Rail Nation Team

Public Performance Test on the PTR

We need you!
Following the bugs, we have now moved on to tackling the performance issues. What does that mean? We want a smooth game experience with windows that open quickly and also achieve a decent speed when scrolling and moving on the map. We have therefore developed a number of changes and improvements that are waiting for you to put to the test. To get as many comparative measurements as possible, we are hoping for broad support on one of our public test servers. And because we don’t want you to come away empty-handed, we’ve devised a little PTR event for you all.

  • If you haven’t already done so, register on the PTR server HERE
  • When the event starts on 10 November 2020, log into PTR1 Speedy (WARNING: the OLD version WITHOUT the improvements will be found here).
  • After the first half of the second day, an update will be added that contains the changes and improvements, allowing you to marvel at the new performance on the second half of the second day and on the third day.
  • For us, it’s important that you play on the server in the way you normally do as well as open plenty of windows.
  • If you reach 3500 prestige in the three days and complete the survey at the end of it, you can pick up 500 Gold, which you can collect on a live server of your choice.

We look forward to your support. Now crank open those windows in Rail Nation!

Your Rail Nation QA Team

A new dimension awaits: Platform X!

Dear players,

A new dimension awaits! Platform X is a portal to alternative worlds, where new rules apply, old habits are called into question and innovative strategies must be devised.
Brand-new features and alternative balancing offer a completely new Rail Nation experience which requires players to develop new styles of play. Small changes with a huge impact!

Perfect for those of you who fancy something new or different, as well as for curious, adventurous and innovative strategists!


We call the first dimension that the Platform X portal will take you to:

Working Class Heroes

In this first episode of Platform X, hard work is rewarded for industries and everyone else. Supporting industries and tirelessly working together to develop cities pay off!

What does this mean specifically? Here’s an overview of the features:

Prestige for deliveries to industries

  • All players who have supplied required goods to an industry will receive prestige as soon as the industry levels up.

City prestige for level-ups

  • City prestige is no longer awarded daily, but only when the city reaches a new level.
  • The prestige is distributed for all goods, no matter if the good is replaced or not.

New method of calculating active players

  • The competition between cities gets more intense thanks to the improved method of calculating active players.
  • Only players who actually supply a city will count as active players and influence city consumption.

Modified endgame

  • For all megacities, the quantity of goods to be supplied in the endgame is now based on the megacity with the highest city level!

What’s more, there’s another new achievement that awards valuable career points, allowing players to continue to upgrade their career engine. Secure the special Platform X achievement by achieving at least 20,000 prestige in this episode!

Unlike other event scenarios, the first episode of Platform X will run not just for one round, but two. The first round starts at the end of October and the second round shortly after the end of the first in December. This way, you can optimise your strategies based on the experience you gather in the first round or take part in just one of the two rounds if the dates don’t quite suit you.
Here’s an overview of the new game worlds:


HERE you can ask questions about the best strategies for the first episode of Platform X, prove in the community event that you have what it takes for this adventure and earn bonus Gold for Platform X – Working Class Heroes!

We’re really excited and hope you feel the same!
Your Rail Nation Team



The XXL update is coming!

Dear players,

The time has come! The most extensive bug-fixing update in the history of Rail Nation is approaching.

After we successfully switched Rail Nation to HTML5 a few months ago, securing the long-term future of the game, it is now time to make improvements and set higher standards.
The long-awaited, giant update full of bug fixes is finally here! All the work over the last few weeks and months has paid off.

More than 300 bug fixes are contained in this update!

What’s more, they are accompanied by a number of improvements such as higher performance, the revised chat feature and significantly smoother map scrolling. There are simply too many items to list them all here, but this graphic gives a good overview:

You can find the full changelog HERE and you’ll soon be able to see all the changes in the game for yourself. The release dates for the update are as follows:

  • 15th September: DE-1, DE-107, DE-201, RU-2, RU-103, RU-204
  • 17th September: DE & RU game worlds (excluding game worlds that are paused or in the endgame)
  • 23rd + 24th September: All remaining game worlds


We are really looking forward to this update and would like to once again thank all the players who have helped us – either by tirelessly reporting bugs or diligently testing on the PTR.
But we’re not stopping after this update! Following this strong focus on bug fixes, we want to spend some time concentrating on implementing extra performance improvements. This includes things like speed and loading times when opening windows in the game, for example.

To celebrate the release of the biggest update in the history of Rail Nation, we’ve also prepared a little present for you all:

Using the bonus code* “XXL-UPDATE”, you can now secure a free Plus Account for 3 days.

Have fun!

Your Rail Nation Team


* Once per account. Valid from 14th September until 31st October. Only for browsers and Android. Apple excluded.


Wouldn’t it have been better not to have waited for this long and to have improved the game in several smaller updates?

That’s normally the approach we take, but in this case a number of more extensive steps were necessary in the background to enable this high number of bug fixes in the first place.


I’ve just played for the first time since the update and the loading times are longer than before. Shouldn’t the performance actually be better?

Don’t worry; that’s normal. After an update, data stored in the browser (in the cache) becomes outdated. This means that the browser has to reload the cache and this can result in much longer loading times when performing certain actions in the game for the first time since the update. Unfortunately, this can diminish the first impression, but that takes care of itself after spending a little while playing the game.
By the way, that’s not only the case for this update but generally for all Rail Nation updates. The cache is automatically reloaded. You don’t need to clear it manually.


I’ve found a bug. Will this also be fixed at some point?

No worries, this isn’t our last update. Technical quality continues to be important to us. Please report the bug with all the key details in the forum and we’ll handle it!


You mentioned further performance improvements. When can we expect them?

It’s difficult to say right now, but it certainly won’t take as long as this update took to develop. We are already tracking down a number of ways to implement improvements. If there’s any interesting information about this before the actual update, you’ll find it in the forum.


I count fewer than 300 entries in the changelog. I thought the update contains more than 300 bug fixes?

To provide a better overview, we have summarised a number of smaller bug fixes in certain bullet points, which may encompass up to 40 individual bugs.


Masters Prestige Event

Community event: The hunt for prestige!

Whether you play Allstars or Rising Stars – after the endgame there is only one winner in the individual ranking. But like in Rail Nation generally, there is more than just this one objective in Masters. This year, we also want to reward those of you who aren’t deterred by the tough competition and still give your best.
So, there’s an extra challenge for this year’s round of Masters to achieve certain prestige goals. Both for the Allstars final and for Rising Stars, there are 3 objectives in each game world with different levels of difficulty and rewards.

In the Allstars final, at least the following prestige objectives need to be reached in the individual ranking:

  • Intermediate: 300,000 prestige
  • Difficult: 400,000 prestige
  • Hardcore: 500,000 prestige


Since many less-experienced players play on the Rising Stars game world, the minimum objectives are slightly lower:

  • Intermediate: 200,000 prestige
  • Difficult: 300,000 prestige
  • Hardcore: 400,000 prestige

On both game worlds, you can win the following rewards:

  • Intermediate: Community Hero Achievement (Bronze)
  • Difficult: Community Hero Achievement (Silver)
  • Hardcore: Community Hero Achievement (Gold) + 20 days of Plus account (freely transferable to any game world)


None of these objectives are trivial, and they all call for a certain amount of activity and strategy. But they are also targets that players have often achieved … even without buying Gold or excessively using the video feature!

Good luck!
Your Rail Nation Team

Rail Nation Masters 3

The biggest competition of the year

The time has come – round three of Masters is starting! Play in this tournament against players from all around the world in a battle for victory, prestige and prizes! Show off your skills – as a lone wolf or with your association. Rewards including achievements, Gold, glory and more await.


Like last year, there will again be two separate tournaments: Allstars for experienced players with 2 or more stars, and Rising Stars for everyone else who doesn’t want to miss out on the fierce competition.

Here’s a quick look at the key facts:

  • Rising Stars is a single game world with a limit of 3500 players. The round starts on 31st August.
  • Allstars is split up into a qualification round, starting on 28th August, and the final from 23rd October.
  • The qualification round for Allstars encompasses 3 game worlds, each with up to 2500 players. A fourth or fifth game world will be opened if necessary.
  • The best 2500 players in the Allstars qualification game worlds will progress to the final, i. e. the best 833 players from each of the 3 game worlds (2500 divided by the number of open game worlds).
  • What’s more, the members of the 10 BEST associations per Allstars game world will qualify.
  • All game worlds are played in the Classic scenario at double speed.
  • Registration for the game world is open 24 hours before the round starts.
  • The game worlds are international,  so all languages are available and allowed.

Valuable prizes, including up to 10,000 Gold and unique achievements, await the winners in the individual player and association rankings.

All the details, terms of participation, information on the prizes up for grabs, FAQs, an explanation of the qualification round, dates and much more can be found on the relevant information page in the Lobby.

Clash! is back!

Clash! is also making a return with Masters. Whether or not you take part in the Masters game worlds, everyone can play Clash! In case you’re new to it: Clash! is a mini game that takes place in the Lobby. In Clash! you face two opponents on a triangular map. Navigate from industry to industry, collect goods and destroy your rivals’ routes. Whoever is the first to successfully collect 10 goods wins. The exact rules can be found in Clash! Moreover, you can familiarise yourself with the gameplay during the training phase at the start. The training phase begins on 27th August.
In contrast to last year, you can also win Gold in Clash! this year!


Community event: The hunt for prestige!

Whether you play Allstars or Rising Stars – after the endgame there is only one winner in the individual ranking. But like in Rail Nation generally, there is more than just this one objective in Masters. This year, we also want to reward those of you who aren’t deterred by the tough competition and still give your best.
So, there’s an extra challenge for this year’s round of Masters to achieve certain prestige goals. Both for the Allstars final and for Rising Stars, there are 3 objectives in each game world with different levels of difficulty and rewards.

In the Allstars final, at least the following prestige objectives need to be reached in the individual ranking:

  • Intermediate: 300,000 prestige
  • Difficult: 400,000 prestige
  • Hardcore: 500,000 prestige


Since many less-experienced players play on the Rising Stars game world, the minimum objectives are slightly lower:

  • Intermediate: 200,000 prestige
  • Difficult: 300,000 prestige
  • Hardcore: 400,000 prestige

On both game worlds, you can win the following rewards:

  • Intermediate: Community Hero Achievement (Bronze)
  • Difficult: Community Hero Achievement (Silver)
  • Hardcore: Community Hero Achievement (Gold) + 20 days of Plus account (freely transferable to any game world)


None of these objectives are trivial, and they all call for a certain amount of activity and strategy. But they are also targets that players have often achieved … even without buying Gold or excessively using the video feature!

Whether you decide to take on this challenge is of course up to you. For us, it was important that those of you who try your best in Masters receive a nice additional reward and have objectives besides the individual player victory.

Have fun on your hunt for prestige! We can’t wait to see your success on the Masters game worlds!

No matter if you’re a hardcore veteran or a newbie, Masters 3 offers something for everyone. And anyone who’s looking for a challenge will be in their element here – whether on the game worlds, in Clash! or in pursuit of the prestige objectives.

Good luck!

Your Rail Nation Team

Fast Forward!

Dear players,
We are pleased to announce that the third round of Fast Forward – our 4x speed
event – is coming up!
After the incredible popularity of the first two rounds as well as quite a few requests for Fast Forward’s return, we have decided on 29th and 31st July! The following Fast Forward game worlds will start on these two dates:
For those of you who want to take part in Masters this year, no worries! Fast Forward will end shortly before this event begins.

During the first two rounds of Fast Forward, we recognised that the balancing only partially matches the high-speed setting.
As a result, we took the opportunity to improve and adjust some calculations for Fast Forward.

  • The prestige a player receives for city goods was weighted too heavily. Therefore, we have decreased the city prestige by 12.5%.
  • There was too much money in the game recently, which disrupted the economic cycle. To increase the scarcity of money as a resource, we lowered the base price for delivered goods by 12.5%. This applies to city and supply deliveries. The income for collected trainspotters is reduced by the same amount.
  • For the login bonus, the time to the mega bonus is decreased from 14 to 12 days. Since one round of Fast Forward lasts 24 days, all players will have the chance to get the mega bonus twice.

We hope you have lots of fun in the third round of Fast Forward,

Your Rail Nation Team


PS: Masters 3 Allstars starts on 28. August 2020. You need two stars to take part in the biggest competition of the year.

Don’t have two stars yet? Finish a round of Fast Forward in the top 100 and obtain your ticket to Masters 3 Allstars

The Rail Nation Summer Games

Dear players,

With many global events and sporting competitions being cancelled this year, we were thinking about how we can jump in to provide a contact-free event for everyone. Our answer is:

the Rail Nation Summer Games!

The Summer Games start on 7th July and if you play Rail Nation, you are already a participant! Well, at least passively. If you actually want to win, you probably have to do a bit more than that.
Until 28th July, you can compete in five different disciplines against all other players on your game world. These disciplines are:

Achieve the highest profit from a single transport.

Achieve the highest hourly profit with trains.

Accumulate as many transports as possible. In this case, a transport with a X-slot engine counts as X transports.

Jack of all trades
Succeed in the most competitions. Succeeding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take first place. It just means that you have to complete the competition task in time as often as possible. City competitions are not included.

Help your association to acquire a worker successfully as often as possible.


The prize
In every category and every game world, the top three will win a prize:

  1. Rank: Community Hero Achievement (Gold)
  2. Rank: Community Hero Achievement (Silver)
  3. Rank: Community Hero Achievement (Bronze


The rules

  • You can participate on any game world and on as many game worlds as you want. However, you can only pick up a prize on one server. If you are eligible for prizes on multiple servers, you will receive it on the server where you are eligible for the highest number of prizes (no matter which ones). On the other game worlds, you will be ignored in the ranking.
  • You can win in multiple disciplines on one game world.
  • If your game world restarts between 7th – 28th July, only the second round counts for this event, not the previous one.
  • You do not have to register for this event.
  • The Summer Games end on 28th July at 14:00 UTC+2. Your final result in the event will be measured at that time. Due to technical reasons, a delay of a few seconds or minutes cannot be completely ruled out.
  • If your game world was already running before the Summer Games started, whatever you achieve until then IS INCLUDED in your final result. So, for example, if you already won competitions on that game world, they will contribute to your total number of won competitions at the end of the Summer Games.

Your Rail Nation Team

The Summer Plan for Rail Nation

Dear players,

We’d like to update you on our plans for Rail Nation over the coming months. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick summary of the main points:

  • On 7th July, the Rail Nation Summer Games are starting – a community event on all game worlds.
  • A new round of Fast Forward is starting directly afterwards on 29th and 31st July.
  • Shortly after the end of the Fast Forward game worlds, Masters is starting the third round on 28th August. The Clash! tournament will also be taking place again at the same time.
  • Our focus in development is on the technical quality of the game.
  • This means that other major projects will be put on hold for the time being, including the new scenario “Orient Express”. For the time being, we want to limit ourselves to game content which involves less development.

Changes are always possible, but it was important for us to give you an overview now, so you can plan which events you’d like to participate in. In-depth information and final details on each of the events will follow in future blog posts.

Rail Nation Summer Games

Since the ultimate sporting event in Tokyo has now been postponed until next year, we are launching our own interpretation on all game worlds – naturally with disciplines adapted to Rail Nation. We will reveal more information about that in this blog on 6th July.

Fast Forward 3

Following the amazing popularity of the last two rounds, we have been looking for a suitable time to offer you a third round of high-paced fun with Fast Forward this summer. We have finally decided on 29th and 31st July. More details will be released in the blog.

Masters 3 and Clash!

The biggest tournament of the year is likewise entering its third round, straight after Fast Forward ends. This year, we will again offer the Rising Star game world for less experienced players as well as the Allstar game worlds (including qualification round) for pros. Like last year, Clash! will take place at the same time as an alternative tournament.

Technical quality and game content

Even more important than these events is the technical quality of the game. Some of these improvements have already been implemented in the background. For instance, we regularly had problems with load balancers on our game servers at the start of this year and were able to fix these issues a few months ago. The new shop is also one of the new technical changes we have introduced. Here, outdated technology often caused problems and limited us in development. That chapter is now closed. What’s more, we have expanded our team of developers and created the new role of Technical Director, who will help us to organise the game’s technical development.

Development is currently focused on a major update for HTML5, which fixes a range of bugs and will simplify development in the future.
The technical quality of the game provides the foundation for everything else that we do in Rail Nation. That’s why we have put major projects like Orient Express on hold for now to concentrate on what matters most at present: game quality. But we also understand that many players want more variety. For this reason, we will not neglect this aspect entirely and will continue to offer you events. On the one hand, this means popular events like Masters, Fast Forward and Origin Journey. On the other hand, there will be new ideas that allow us to make little adjustments to event game worlds that significantly change the gameplay. We’ll say more about that in the future.

Until the next blog post,

Your Rail Nation Team

American Dream Challenge!

Dear players,

The idea behind the American dream is all about putting in the hard work to move forward on the road to success, often competing with others who are doing the same.

Having revamped our USA scenario and introducing the new name “American Dream”, we thought of a special challenge to allow you to live the American dream in Rail Nation. Of course, trying to win alone, with your city or with your association are valid ways to do that, but we wanted to add another challenge where you can make it to the top and receive a truly unique reward!


In short, the challenge is to win as many competitions as possible. If you win, you will not only receive a small amount of Gold, but also get a brand-new production series:

the legendary “Big Boy”, probably the most famous American steam engine! This will be the only way to receive this unique production series for free! This production series can NOT be bought for 75 Gold or using a voucher! Don’t miss your chance!

But the American Dream scenario is not just about competing alone, it’s also about standing united against the opposing faction and leading your side to victory.

This is why we added two special rules to this challenge.

  1. East vs. West

In total, 20 players per American Dream game world can win the prize. However, it matters which side you play on. East or West? If you end up on the losing side, you have to be among the top five in the challenge ranking of your side to get the prize. If you play for the winning side, it’s enough to be among the top 15.


  1. Sharing is caring

Even when competing with everyone else, you can still assist your friends. When you register for the American Dream Challenge, you can name up to five of your friends who, if you end up winning the challenge, will get the prize as well if they play on the same server! Do you want to enter a pact with your friends and name each other? Or do you prefer to coordinate with your friends and make sure you name as many people as possible to receive the Big Boy? Your choice! Either way, if you end up winning, your friends (or maybe a random stranger?) will surely appreciate that you named them.


Does that sound interesting? So, here’s what you need to do and consider:

  • If you want to participate in the American Dream Challenge, register HERE.
  • Registrations for the challenge will be closed on the 3rd July 2020.
  • The prize is the “Big Boy” production series and 150 Gold.
  • Only complete and valid registrations will be considered.
  • The goal of the challenge is to win as many competitions as possible. You will only compete against players who also registered for the event. Non-registered players are not considered for the top 15 or top five and cannot win the prize.
  • If you play on the winning side, you have to be among the top 15 on your side. If your side ends up losing, you have to be among the top five on your side.
  • You have to win at least one competition to qualify for the prize.
  • You can only register for the challenge once and only participate on one server.
  • You can name up to five other players when registering for the event. If you are among the winners of the challenge of your server, they will also get the prize if they play on the same server.
  • The prize will be awarded to your account within 30 days after your game world has finished.
  • Please make sure to spell your name and those of your friends correctly. Only registrations with correctly spelled and existing usernames can be considered.



May the best, and their friends, win!


Your Rail Nation Team

Adam’s Trade Route

Dear players,

To celebrate the renaming of the USA scenario to “American Dream”, as well as its redesign, we have prepared a special community event for you all. You can win our new “Community Hero” achievement in silver as well as one of our new and exclusive Rail Nation – American Dream t-shirts. It just takes a little intuition and savvy.

Help Adam make it big in the USA and live the American dream!

You can find more information HERE.


And that’s not all! Next week, when the first servers in the new design start, there’ll be another event here on the blog where you can win exclusive prizes. Watch this space!

Your Rail Nation Team

Rail Nation – American Dream


The USA scenario will soon be Rail Nation – American Dream. New name, new design, familiar game play!
Become a successful manager in the land of endless opportunity in Rail Nation – American Dream and support one of two duelling factions in the huge battle between East and West! A hundred and fifty trains from all around the world await you, including 30 realistic American models. This scenario is all about delivering goods, without any passenger transports. Discover 50 authentic cities and write your own success story!


What awaits you on the new servers?


More trophies!

 If you earn 50,000 prestige on one of the American Dream servers, you will receive the new “American Tycoon” achievement.


Endgame enhancements

A number of minor balancing adjustments have been made to create more excitement in the endgame. This includes the faction points a megacity receives when it wins the endgame; they have been increased from 2,000 to 5,000 points. What’s more, players who belong to the winning faction will pick up 20,000 prestige rather than 10,000. The general prestige rewards for each conquered city have been reduced from 100 % to 50 %.


What else can you look forward to?


Take part in the two community events and win fantastic prizes, like the exclusive “Big Boy” production series or unique T-shirts in the new Rail Nation – American Dream style!
More information will follow in the next blog update.


Server starts

When does Rail Nation – American Dream start? Check out here:






Fast Forward – Round 2

We’re here for you. While the world out there is standing still, we want to continue to provide entertainment and distraction for these perhaps boring times stuck at home, with little to no contact with others.

In the last few weeks, we received a lot of positive feedback about our Fast Forward game worlds at 4x speed. Originally, we didn’t want to restart them right away. But because of your fantastic feedback and the current situation, we’re going to start a second round of Fast Forward on 11th April – our #stayhome game worlds.

For those among you who have not yet played Fast Forward, you now have the chance to experience this 4x speed event. If you’re already participating in the first round, this could be your chance to optimise your tactics.

Of course, we won’t let you start empty-handed. Using the voucher code FAST-FORWARD-2 , you can get a free package worth €10 on every Fast Forward game world. The package contains:

  • 100 Gold
  • 10 days’ Plus Account
  • 1 x bonus engine upgrade voucher
  • 10 x mechanic vouchers
  • 10 x boost vouchers


  • Only valid on Fast Forward 2 game worlds
  • Valid until the 30th April
  • Only usable once per player
  • Only for browser and Android, not available on Apple devices

For those of you who like to play competitively, we have a special challenge this time: The top 10 players on each server of the second round of Fast Forward will receive the gold version of our brand new “Community Hero” achievement and the server winner will even receive the platinum version.

Since the second round of Fast Forward was not planned and is a spontaneous response to the coronavirus pandemic, we sadly cannot activate pre-registration. We still hope the second round of Fast Forward will bring you joy in these extraordinary times.

You can check when the servers start here:



Why are some game worlds missing this time?

That’s because some of the game worlds had relatively few players. While those numbers are still okay, a second round usually has lower numbers and will lead to player numbers that can cause problems with gameplay.

Won’t another event slow down your work on HTML5?

No. When we thought about how we can offer entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic without putting a burden on our developers, we specifically chose Fast Forward since repeating this event does not require any development or testing. That’s also the reason why Fast Forward 2 will still run on Flash. This way, we don’t have to test another version of the game mode right now and our developers can continue to focus on HTML5.

What if the second round is even more popular and too many players register on the game worlds?

All our game worlds have a limit of 10,000 registrations to prevent overcrowded cities and any performance problems caused. Should too many players be interested in playing the second round of Fast Forward, another international game world is ready to be started on demand.

My country or language is not among the announced game worlds. Does this mean I can’t play Fast Forward?

No. On the international game worlds all languages are available and allowed. While we recommend English for international communication, every other language is welcome too. Please respect that we have players from all over the world with completely different languages skills. Not everyone will speak your language or English. Please stay respectful, even if communication is a challenge. This is especially important, given the hard times many people are going through right now.

The HTML5 update is here!

Dear players,

We’re happy to announce that a giant milestone in the history of Rail Nation will soon be achieved: the switch from Flash to HTML5!
The complete switch to HTML5 not only secures the future of Rail Nation but also allows us to focus on this version of the game, instead of having to continue developing the game in both Flash and HTML5 simultaneously.

We also want to thank all the players who assisted us with testing this important change in the last weeks and months. Of course, we’ll continue to work on fixing any remaining bugs or problems.

During the development of HTML5, we also gathered quite a collection of bug fixes and smaller improvements, among them an increase in the museum capacity, balancing changes for landmarks and an improved track design.

You can check the exact roll-out schedule and the extensive changelog HERE.

Just like in recent weeks on the first two live game worlds with HTML5, our focus remains on providing you with frequent updates and fixing remaining bugs quickly.

For us, it’s also important, especially in these unusual times, to provide you with entertainment, but without distracting our developers from their main goal: game quality.
You can read more about how we plan to do this in an upcoming blog post.

Until then…

Your Rail Nation Team

Corona and Rail Nation: Take Care

Dear players,

with the Corona pandemic spreading in all parts of the world and more and more countries closing borders, cancelling public events or even imposing a curfew, we all have to adapt to this new reality and take care of ourselves and each other. This pandemic touches most of our lives in some way and we hope you stay healthy and wish you and your loved ones a quick recovery if you are already affected.

As gamers, we all share a hobby that is luckily not affected by the Corona pandemic. In these unusual times where we might have to spend a long time at home, games are a form of entertainment that remains available and we are still able to keep up the social contacts to our online friends. With people having to stay at home, boredom and loneliness can become a challenge for many people and games can help to reduce those problems.

This is why, after the rapid spread of  the virus and the lock down in Italy, we wanted to support our Italian players who have to stay at home right now and sent them a bonus code for 500 gold and 14 days of Plus Account last Friday.

Now, a few days later, the situation has changed and more countries will face similar situations as Italy.

This is why we decided to expand this initiative to everyone and hope that this makes the lives of all players at least a little bit easier.
Starting immediately, you can use the bonus code „TAKE-CARE“ to receive 500 Gold and 14 days of Plus Account on one game world of your choice.

Here are the details:

  • Bonuscode: TAKE-CARE
  • Yes, upper case spelling and the „-„ are important.
  • When you copy the code, please make sure to check you didn’t also copy an empty space…or just type it manually
  • The code can only be used in the browser and on Android devices.
  • The code can only be used once per account, i.e. on only one game world per player
  • The code is valid until the 30th of June 2020.
  • The code needs to be entered in the shop, as seen here:

We hope you all take care and we wish you all the best in these troubled times.

Your Rail Nation Team


PS: Due to doing this rather quickly, this blog post is currently not available in any other languages. Our apologies for that.

Rail Nation – Fast Forward: Experience the new 4x speed!

Do you find normal game worlds too long? Even express servers aren’t fast enough for you? Then we now have the speedy alternative!

On our completely unprecedented Classic 4x-speed servers, you can play the quickest Rail Nation round of all time. In just four days you’ll already have completed the first era, you can collect bonuses in much shorter intervals, a competition takes place every 1.5 hours and the endgame starts only after 24 days! Want a quick round of Rail Nation before you go on vacation? Fancy experiencing a short but intense game round with familiar gameplay yet all-new speed, in addition to your usual game world? How about earning new achievements? No problem!

All this and more awaits you on the Fast Forward game worlds,  where the speed dial is cranked up to 400%! You’ll never get bored!

Fast Forward will arrive on March 9 and the following game worlds will start within a week:

Play Rail  Nation now!


How long does a 4x-speed round take?

Since each era lasts just four days, depending on the length of the endgame the entire round will take about 26 days!

Hang on! Four days per era isn’t actually four times as fast!

That’s right, you’ve caught us. Strictly speaking, it’s 3.5 times faster and we rounded up. But 3.5x speed simply doesn’t sound as good. Anyway, actual 4x speed would mean every second era change would happen in the middle of the night.

Will the Fast Forward game worlds run permanently?

Nope. Each game world for this event will only run for one round.

I don’t have any time in March. Will Fast Forward return again some time in the future?

We’re not able to answer that with any certainty right now. Just like with every event server, there’s always a chance there might be a second round at some point in the future.

Our plans for Rail Nation in 2020

Dear players,

To mark our 7th birthday, we’d like to give you an exclusive glimpse at some (!) of the things we have planned for Rail Nation in 2020.
A very important, technical change has been in the works for a while:

Porting Rail Nation to HTML5!

The switch from Flash to HTML5 is a huge undertaking that we’ve been working on for quite some time and we hope to be finished as soon as possible this year. The browser version of Rail Nation will be ported first, followed by the apps for Android and iOS. As soon as this step is completed, our developers will finally be able to take care of other things – like one of our key goals for 2020:

Quality care updates!

Once we’ve implemented HTML5 porting, we intend to use our freed-up time and resources to deliver more updates, bug fixes, small features and improvements for you all this year. On the one hand, we want to implement a few things that have been on our list for a long time now. On the other, we’d also like to respond to current requests from the community.

Masters 3 and more!

Masters 2 was hugely popular last year and achieved a number of records, including the shortest endgame of all time as well as the highest percentage of players who were active for the full round.
Masters will therefore continue in its third round and in a similar format in the first half of the year. So, you still have time to earn Stars for the Allstars game world!

Of course, we realise that the Masters game worlds are not for everyone; that’s why we will also be offering an alternative programme with Clash! just like last year.

And there’s more! In addition to Masters 3, we may also release more event scenarios for a limited time. More details on that will follow over the year!

If all that’s not enough for you, you can also look forward to the following:

 The new “Orient Express” scenario!

While our last scenario Origin Journey was designed more for players who prefer the familiar gameplay in a new setting, Orient Express will call for completely new thinking and novel strategies!
There’s no fixed date yet, but we’re roughly aiming for the end of the year at the moment. We’ll keep you updated with more insight into the new scenario as time goes on!

This should be enough to whet your appetite for now. We’ll gradually share more details about all of this and more news here in our blog. Watch this space!

We’re already excited for this year and we hope you are too!
Your Rail Nation Team




Birthday bonus code: LUCKY-NUMBER-7

Lucky Number 7 – Happy Birthday, Rail Nation

Dear players,

it’s time for presents since Rail Nation is close to celebrating its 7th birthday!
We are delighted to celebrate this happy occasion and we are thankful for all the players who have stayed with us or joined us in the last 7 years!
That’s why we want to give something back to the people who made all of this possible: You!
Here’s what we have planned:

  • On our birthday, 28th January, we will release a special code containing some gifts for everyone who uses it by 29th of February. The code will be shared on that day via the forum, email, Facebook and our blog.
  • What’s more, we will also share a preview for our plans for this year on 28th January in our blog. We have some exciting things prepared and can’t wait to talk about them!
  • And finally, if you can’t wait that long, we’ll also offer 7 little challenges as a countdown on our Facebook page, giving you the chance to win even more prizes. 7 items for 7 players on 7 days! The challenges start today!

No matter if you’re a veteran who has stayed with us for years or a new member of the Rail Nation family, we are excited to celebrate our birthday with you! We would also like to hear your story. How and when did you join RN and what is the most amazing thing you have ever experienced in your time here? Let us know on the forum or right here in the comments!

Your Rail Nation Team

The 2019 Winter Event

Ho, ho, ho … ahem … dear players!

We’re delighted to spread some winter cheer in the world of Rail Nation again this year. The Winter Event is back!

The Winter Event will be activated on all suitable servers for eight days from 12 December 2019 at 2 pm (CET). The game essentially works the same way as last year. Read the blog post on the topic again HERE.

For everyone who just wants to jump straight into it, let us at least tell you that once again you can win a range of prizes and our special event points (Diamonds).

Those of you who took part last time will probably remember that some players managed to exploit our system by working together, acting skillfully and going without sleep. This allowed them to earn astronomical amounts of Diamonds. We didn’t see this coming and it caused a number of problems. These issues have now been fixed, and even though expert skills and price monitoring are still important, it’s no longer possible to exploit this mechanic.

This year, we’ve again attempted to find a date on which as many servers can take part in the Winter Event as possible. We also wanted to make sure regions with just a few servers aren’t completely excluded. Additionally, we’re working on a solution so that we can offer catch-up dates for these kinds of events in the future. Since our developers currently have their hands full with HTML5 and also need to make preparations to enable regular bug-fixing and improvement updates next year, unfortunately the option is not available for this year’s Winter Event. If you can’t participate in the Winter Event on your usual server, we recommend playing the event on another server. This way, you won’t miss out on the fun or the Diamonds!



What exactly are the balancing changes?

  • It’s now no longer possible to own more than 100 units of a certain resource or to exceed this limit with direct purchases. However, this is still possible with packages and random prizes.
  • Prices for resources will now change much more slowly.
  • A fee of one coin is charged when selling resources.
  • To make sure winning isn’t too dependent on chance, the starting value of the coins contained in the coin package has been reduced by 25 %.

If we still manage to win lots of Diamonds, can we keep them?


I don’t understand what the event is about. What do I have to do?

You can find an extensive explanation about the event HERE. What’s more, the event will be explained again in the game itself once it’s active.

Do I have to play along?

Nope. Although the event is available on most servers, you can simply ignore it if you don’t want to play or if the prizes aren’t important to you and you just want to keep playing Rail Nation.

Which servers will the event be on?

You can find a complete list of servers on which the event is active or inactive HERE.

What should I do if the Winter Event is not available on my server?

If you still want to play the event, we recommend simply moving to another server where the event is available. You can find a list of servers with the event HERE. Simply look for a server that appeals most to you.

When will the Winter Event end?

It ends after exactly eight days, so on 20 December 2019 at 2 pm (CET).

The Winter Event has just started and I’m shown an incorrect Diamond value in the winter market. What can I do?

The problem should go away if you reload the game.

I’ve met the requirements of a quest, but it doesn’t appear to count. What’s that about?

You probably started the quest at the wrong time. Remember that you can also see the quests for the next day. This allows you to prepare accordingly. But the quests can only be completed once they’re actually active.

It’s not yet 12 December and there’s already a new building in my train station. Was the event brought forward?

No, don’t worry. The winter market has a three-day build phase, unless the server hasn’t yet been started in these three days. The actual Winter Event begins on 12 December, as announced.

HTML5 – This is the current status

Dear players,

We’d like to give you a little update about the current status of the HTML5 version of the game.

For those of you who missed it: We’re switching from Flash to HTML5, since support for Flash will end next year.
A while ago, we already switched all Russian and German servers to HTML5 for a short period. During that time we noticed that, although the game was running smoothly for most, a few players still had significant performance problems with the new version of the game. That’s why we decided to switch back to Flash, while we polished HTML5 a bit more.

Today, we’re in the middle of doing just that and we want to explain what exactly this involves. The bug reports we received in our previous live test did not point to a specific singular cause, but were rather quite general performance issues.

Luckily, we identified an area with a lot of potential for performance improvements: the user interface (UI) elements.
Right now, the processes in the background when a UI element is moved or changed require a complete recalculation. Other UI elements that are connected to this element then need to be recalculated too. And, like a domino effect, others that are connected to those elements need be recalculated as well.
This chain of unnecessarily complicated recalculations can use up the entire CPU capacity for the browser tab and then lead to memory problems, resulting in performance issues.

Our developers are currently working on changing how these UI recalculations work. In simple words, if a UI element is changed, it checks which other elements need to be recalculated with it, instead of causing a chain of recalculating everything.
It’s quite a complex process to overhaul this, but we think it’s worth the effort. We can’t give you an exact date yet, but we at least wanted to provide a bit of insight into what exactly we’re doing for HTML5 right now.


We’re looking forward to entering this new era of Rail Nation and we’ll share further news with you as soon as we can.


Your Rail Nation Team

Accelerated Autumn: Origin Journey for the first time as an express server

Rail Nation – Origin Journey is returning to the tracks!

This time, as an express server due to popular demand from the many express fans among you. You are now finally able to experience the event scenario on the map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland at twice the speed!

Run the economy of the three countries at the heart of Europe and establish your railway empire.

Enjoy the familiar gameplay on the alternative map, transporting regional goods like Swiss watches, German beer and Austrian cakes.

And speaking of special features…


Each player who registers for this round of Rail Nation – Origin Journey in the first era will receive a very special train as an exclusive gift:

the Alstom Coradia iLint production series will be unlocked for free! This train is not only the world’s first hydrogen-powered engine, but also travels exclusively in Germany and was developed in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre. 

What’s more: from the second day of the first era, each player will also receive additional login bonuses such as vouchers and lottery tickets, which will enable everyone to start this event server at high speed!


If you missed the first round of Rail Nation – Origin Journey, you can find the details from that initial round HERE, allowing you to quickly climb aboard and experience this express scenario that combines the familiar Classic gameplay with a new look.


This time, the following servers will be launched for Rail Nation – Origin Journey:


We’re looking forward to running the rails at full speed with you!


Your Rail Nation Team

Time for some classics!

Dear players,
We’re pleased to present two breath-taking production series!

01 Series Shinkansen – the classic production series for the Aten

We wish to introduce you to the new production series for the Aten of Era 5: the ‘0 Series Shinkansen’. It’s a true masterpiece of Japanese engineering and a real classic of Japanese railway history. It was manufactured between 1963 and 1986 in Japan. At that time, this train reached 220 km/h in regular operation. Nowadays, the maximum operating speed of the newest Shinkansen version is 320 km/h.

Shinkansen routes are completely separate from conventional railway lines. Consequently, the Shinkansen is not affected by slower local or freight trains.


The NS20 Camel – our familiar Hypnos in a spacious variant

The second new production series is the NS20 ‘Camel’, belonging to the Hypnos of Era 4. It was built as a train for the management of the Dutch railway.  Its striking appearance gave this train its curious name. The driver’s cabins are housed in two bumps in the roof, giving the passengers a panoramic view of the track from both the front and rear, while the driver looks over them. The train was soon named the ‘Camel’ for its bumps on the roof. This ageing model was in active service in the Netherlands until June 2019 and is now available to everyone in Rail Nation.


Do you like them? You’ll receive the Shinkansen for free when you log in to any Rail Nation game world from 25 September 2019.

The Camel will be available to you from the 28 September 2019.  They are both free only until 6 October 2019, so make sure you don’t miss them!


Your Rail Nation team

Rail Nation Masters 2

The biggest competition of the year


Welcome to the race track! Rail Nation Masters is the ultimate tournament, in which the best Rail Nation players from around the world compete to win amazing prizes and real trophies. The tournament is played in multilingual game worlds with Classic Express, i. e. the Classic scenario at double the speed. How does it work? To make sure there is something for every player, this year we have a wide range of game options.


International championship and gleaming trophies

In Masters 2: Allstars, each player with two or more stars in their career has the chance to prove themselves in one of three qualification game worlds, which begin on the 30th of August 2019. If these aren’t enough, up to two more game worlds will be opened. The best 2,500 players − as well as the players from the top ten associations who don’t rank among the top 2,500 individual players − will qualify for the final round.

The final round starts directly after the qualification rounds, on the 25th of October. Here too, players will aim for victory in a Classic Express game world. At the end, the best players and associations will receive a massive amount of Rail Nation Gold, while the members of the best association will earn a real medal, and the winner of Rail Nation Masters 2 will be awarded with an original Rail Nation trophy.

But that’s not all! Anyone can join Masters 2: Rising Stars, even if they have only one star in their career − or none at all. In this case, the competition gets going straight away without a qualification round, starting on the 13th of September. However, it’s first come, first served, as registrations will be limited to a maximum of 3,500 (might be changed, depending on demand). Players of Masters 2: Rising Stars likewise compete in multilingual game worlds with the Classic Express scenario. And Gold, real medals and an original trophy are also up for grabs for the winners here.


Community challenges and a new round of Clash!

In addition to the competition game worlds of Masters 2, there are a number of community challenges for all players.

But we don’t want to reveal all the details just yet. What we can say is this: the winners of the challenges can expect valuable bonuses – not just for Masters 2: Allstars and Rising Stars, but also for all other Rail Nation game worlds. We can also promise that overcoming these tricky challenges will make quite a few heads spin! So, they’re only something for the brightest minds among you!

More information about the community challenges can be found HERE.

And another thing: Rail Nation Clash! is returning. From the 30th of August to the 3rd of October, you can compete against each other again in thrilling one-on-one-on-one races. Like last time, in Masters 2: Clash! you’ll face two opponents on a triangular map. Navigate from industry to industry, collect goods and destroy your rivals’ routes. Whoever is the first to successfully collect ten goods wins. Once again, unique achievements can be won and the winner of the tournament will pick up a real Rail Nation trophy!
A special schedule applies to Clash!, so check it out HERE.

Fun, thrills and the chance to be crowned the best Rail Nation player in the whole world. There’s something for everyone in Rail Nation Masters 2!

All the details, participation conditions, information on the prizes up for grabs, FAQs, an explanation of the qualification round, dates and much more can be found on the information page in the Lobby.


The new Lobby is here!

Dear players,

we already received quite a lot of feedback about the new Lobby. If you haven’t shared your opinion, we invite you to do so in the discussion threads on the forum. We would be very happy to hear your thoughts!

Also don’t forget to redeem your voucher code “LOBBY-RELAUNCH-NOW” in the Shop on any gameworl

Test the new Lobby now!

Today we want to give you a little sneak peak on something we’ve been working on for quite a while now: The newly designed Lobby.

The current Lobby didn’t really age well and has been a nuisance for quite a while now. Especially new players are overwhelmed by a lot of buttons and intricate menus, news are difficult to display properly and rarely used functions occupy too much space while others get lost in the clutter.

That is why we gave the Lobby a new design and reworked it fundamentally! It will provide you a clear and modern overview and allow you to navigate efficiently to all kinds of game worlds and events.  See for yourself:

If you want to have a look at the new Lobby already, you can do so on our test server, the Public Test Real (PTR). In general, new testers are always welcome to provide us with additional constructive feedback. You can register on the PTR HERE. Please make sure to read the special rules before you do and always remember that testing is the main purpose of the PTR!

We are looking forward to the new design and hope you do too!

Your Rail Nation Team

Rail Nation – Origin Journey

Pack your bags and join us on a journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, from the North Sea to the Alps.
We’re delighted to introduce you to our new map, Rail Nation – Origin Journey!

This new map is fundamentally different from all three of our scenarios, as Rail Nation – Origin Journey will only be available for a limited time only and exclusively as an event scenario! Multiple regional and international servers will start in May and run their course through to the grand finale. Be part of it!

But what exactly is Rail Nation – Origin Journey?

Our new map sends you on a journey across the German-speaking part of Europe. The map relates to the origins of Rail Nation in two different ways. Firstly, it’s the home of the development studio where Rail Nation’s story began. And secondly, with respect to the game mechanics, it goes back to the roots that are the Classic scenario, which in all our surveys has always been your absolute favourite. Rail Nation – Origin Journey contains all the familiar features of the Classic scenario. Research engines, expand your railway network and help your city grow into a megacity.
Of course, not all will be exactly the same, there are plenty of new features as well.


50 cities, 3 countries, 1 map

From the Baltic Sea to the Alps, and from Berlin to Geneva. 50 realistic German, Austrian and Swiss cities are at the heart of the new scenario. All cities also have their very own authentic landmark. Hop on board and visit them all!

Famous cars, exquisite watches and delicious cake – supply 11 new regional goods

For the first time ever in the history of Rail Nation, local goods have been added to the game. Players can now supply cities with 11 new, traditional and authentic goods – from Swiss cheese and German beer to leather pants from Austria. Industrial dyes, chocolate and, for the first time, water are now all part of the new range of goods.
Plus, there will naturally be new workers to match these goods.

Complete the journey

Every player who actively plays all Rail Nation scenarios will receive new achievements. The journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also be rewarded with career points.

If you’d like to get all four achievements for playing all maps, please keep in mind that Rail Nation – Origin Journey will be available for a limited time only. Watch this space!


Experience the new map design – modern, bright and full of colour!

Rail Nation – Origin Journey not only offers you beautiful landmarks but also some graphical updates like new trees, rivers, more visible bridges and routes, additional landscape objects and more. In addition to the 50 landmarks, 250 new map elements await you!


Everybody in our development team is looking forward to beginning the journey through Germany, Austria and Switzerland together with you!
See you in Rail Nation – Origin Journey,

Your RN Team







Do landmarks work like in Steam over Europe?

Nope. The landmarks on this map are simply eye-candy only. Rail Nation – Origin Journey is played just like the Classic scenario.


What are the new goods?

They are: water, milk, cheese, chocolate, beer, cake, leather trousers, wristwatches, paint, mobile phones and garden gnomes. On top of that, we have given some older goods new icons.


Does it cost something to play on the new map?

No, the map will be available for all players and free of charge.


Will there be pre-registration for or on the Rail Nation – Origin Journey server?

Nope. The server will only run once and will not restart. For this reason, there will be no pre-registration.


Is the career engine available on this map?



Is it possible to purchase and transfer Gold?

Yeah! Buying Gold is possible and any Gold left over after the end of the event scenario will then be available on any server of the same domain. Transferring Gold from servers of the same domain to the Rail Nation – Origin Journey server is also possible.


When and on which domains will Rail Nation – Origin Journey be available?

We will have German, Russian, Eastern European and international COM game worlds.

First RU game world: 14.5.2019
First COM game world: 16.5.2019
First DE game world: 20.5.2019
First Eastern European game world (CZ, PL, RO, UA): 21.5.2019

Additional game worlds in those domains will start after the 20th of May if needed.


Update 4.14: Primus, Performance & More

Dear players,

Today we’re happy to announce some new features that will arrive with Update 4.14.

First of all, we will release a new bonus engine, the Primus.

This engine is very different to all other bonus engines. That’s because its values will automatically adjust to the current era, so it will always be able to compete with the latest bonus engines. This clearly makes the Primus a relatively powerful asset in your vehicle fleet. For this reason, the Primus will also be something very special with respect to its rarity. By default, the Primus can only be won in the lottery and is, after the Gold rush, the rarest of prizes that can only be won with lots of luck.

What’s more, the Primus will be available as a special bonus for all those among you who’ll buy their very first Rail Nation Gold package… no matter which Gold package you choose.
Have you already purchased Gold before? Don’t worry, you’ll also get the chance to try out the Primus!

In order for all players who’d like to test the Primus to get a chance to do so, we’ll celebrate its release with a 3-month period in which every player will receive the Primus as an additional bonus on top of their first Gold purchase during a game round. Again, it makes no difference which Gold package you go for.

This fairly long period of three months was selected by us, so that you have enough time to join a new game round and try out the Primus in all six eras.

The Primus is a cargo engine and, like other bonus engines, will be available to you until the end of the game round. Plus, you can own it in addition to all the other bonus engines. Adding the Primus to the lottery doesn’t result in any other changes, meaning the ticket price remains the same, as do all the other possible lottery prizes. So essentially, you have the chance to receive a greater bonus with your Gold… if, of course, you are very lucky.

These changes are only available from 25.04.2019!


But Update 4.14 contains more than just the Primus. We’re really happy to have once again improved the game’s performance even further. Last time, this concerned the train list. This time, however, all the railway tycoons with expansive track networks will benefit.

With some background improvements, we’ve been able to considerably reduce the loading time during login for large railway networks. The larger the network, the greater the impact of this improvement. To give you an example: in the most extreme case, the loading time of a fully upgraded railway network will be reduced from 13 seconds to just 0.26 seconds – a reduction of 98%!

There’s also a small change regarding pre-registrations. Until now, it was the case that if a single player pre-registered for a specific city, they also pre-registered their whole association, yet only occupied one single slot in the city. This allowed multiple, large associations to pre-register for the same city while circumventing the overcrowding rule. Since this led to a massive imbalance of the cities, it’s now no longer possible. The registration of a single player now also takes into account the total number of related association members with regard to the overcrowding rule. This creates a more balanced gaming experience for all.

And of course, there will be countless minor changes and bug fixes that you can read about in the change log on the forum.

We hope you like the update.

Your RN Team

Update 4.13: Performance, Association Window, Balancing and More

Dear players,

We already mentioned Update 4.13 and the associated changes in the first part of Rail Nation Route 2019. Given the fact that it’s a relatively big update containing tonnes of improvements that we’re looking forward to, we’d like to take a closer look at it all.

Performance improvements and bugfixes

Performance improvements are a particular highlight in this update. In the first Rail Nation Route, we introduced you to the clearly noticeable improvements to the engine and waggon lists. Scrolling through the lists is now much smoother, the frame rate is higher and the load on working memory has been reduced considerably. Plus, the user interface of the waggon list has been overhauled, resulting in even better performance.

But we didn’t just stop there! We kept ourselves busy and closely examined how the map display affects performance. We thus came up with the change of loading elements on the map only once they’re located in the visible area. This conserves working memory and improves performance even more.

And of course, this update also contains another load of bugfixes. This time, there are a whopping 65 in total! In addition to numerous odds and ends, the problems when deleting association threads or responding to private messages have been resolved.

New association window

Cooperation and teamwork are extremely important factors in Rail Nation – and so, too, are the associations. We’ve therefore completely revised the association window so that key information is more visible and accessible with fewer clicks. Besides a range of minor improvements, the new feature for automatically accepting new members will arrive on game worlds that start after the update. Associations are thus better able to fill their ranks, and new players can find a home more quickly. What’s more, it’s now easier to apply to associations or switch associations, where necessary.

You can find all the details about the new association window HERE in the forum.

Balancing changes

We’ve been attentively following the forums and reading your comments. After analysing the data and extensive discussions, we’ve now implemented some changes to the game’s balancing. You can read about it in detail HERE in the first Rail Nation Route blog post.

Moreover, we’ve taken your feedback on board and fundamentally overhauled the trainspotters. They now appear more rarely, but their rewards are much greater – keeping the overall rewards about the same while limiting the search for trainspotters. Another cause of frustration for many of you was often having to wait far too long for individual trainspotters. This problem’s now a thing of the past, as we’ve not only increased the probability of rare trainspotters appearing, but also added a system that prevents you from not finding any new trainspotters for too long.

Game improvements

This update also contains improvements that don’t quite fit in the other categories. They’re not bugfixes, but we can’t really call them completely new features or balancing changes either. But who needs categories anyway? Update 4.13 includes the following extra improvements (most of which are only for new game worlds!):

  • All prizes in the lottery are now visible;  this means you can also see prizes that are not yet available, and their level requirements are also visible (immediately after the update).
  • In order to enable you to plan better, it’s now possible to see the next six (instead of two) workers who can be purchased at auction (for new game worlds).
  • Players with very little prestige are now no longer considered for city consumption and landmarks (immediately after the update).
  • The costs of upgrading the association headquarters have been reduced by around a half (for new game worlds).
  • If a prize in the lottery can no longer be won because the limit has been reached (e. g. 30 days of Plus Account), much higher amounts of money will now be paid out on average than before (immediately after the update).
  • The start bonus for players who begin in later eras has been increased (for new game worlds).


You can find more information, e. g. when each server will get the update, here in the forum.

We’re delighted to be able to finally release this update for you all and we wish you lots of fun with this improved version of Rail Nation.

Your RN Team

Strategy on the festival server: time for intermediate results!

Dear players,

The festival server is packed with action! In the first days and weeks, the various associations first needed to form up. Some players coordinated and started together in the same city, while others still had to find a suitable association. By now, we can see clear patterns on the server, with cooperation being the focus of all action.
The festival server is international, yet the language barrier doesn’t seem to be much of a hindrance, given the amazing international cooperation that is taking place.


Lots of experienced players are present on the festival server, so everyone knows just what to do. Most players have very clear goals, making the festival a rather relaxed, yet highly strategic and active round.

The large amount of Gold is still new for some players, while others know exactly how to use it most efficiently. Some can really do with the 2,000 Gold every week, in order to compensate for bad investments in the previous week or to press on with pre-planned strategies.

The city levels were quite close together initially. Before the first era change, half of all cities reached the maximum level of 8. The levels are now more spread out: at the start of the fourth era, only six cities reached the maximum level of 24.

The player ranking is subject to constant movements up and down, and the top ten are still all very close together. There will certainly be one or two changes yet and we are really excited to find out which strategy will prevail in the end.

These are the intermediate results for associations, players and cities:

We’re looking forward to experiencing the remaining eras on this special server with you and wish you lots more fun!

Your Rail Nation Team

Free for everyone: Talgo Series 1

Dear railroaders,

Today, we present you with the last free production skin for the passenger trains in this series, the Artemis. As you can see, you’ll receive the Talgo Series 1.

It all began in 1944 when the American Car and Foundry (ACF) expanded on the Talgo concept in a joint effort to create the prototype engines for the Spanish National Railway. All Talgo engines were designed to create unique travel experiences.

The Talgo series was one of the first of the post-war, extremely lightweight streamliners. It set a standard for all other manufacturers as the race for new development began in the 1950s. The radical design concepts of the Talgo gave hope to the American railroads that wanted to reverse the diminishing number of passengers.

The Talgo engine has undergone considerable development. In 1944, it reached a max speed of 135 km/h; nowadays the Talgo 350 easily reaches 350 km h and is currently used in Europe.

The Talgo Series 1 is available in Rail Nation from 25th February 2019 as a free series for the Artemis.

Full steam ahead,


Your Rail Nation Team

Free for all: LMS Coronation Class

Dear players,

Today we’d like to introduce you to the second of three new production series. This time, it’s the Cheetah that’s getting a new look in the form of the LMS Coronation Class.

The LMS Coronation Class is a steam engine first built in 1937. The two streamlining plates on this engine are particularly eye-catching and were used to lower drag. These plates were removed from later models, as they were not effective and made servicing the engine more difficult.
Sadly, the Coronation Class is also famous for being involved in the second-largest disaster in British railway history, in which 112 people lost their lives when two trains collided. Among other consequences, this accident led to the introduction of the ‘Automatic Warning System’, marking an important milestone in the history of British rail transport.

Today, only three units of the Coronation Class remain, with two of them on display in museums in York and Birmingham, while the third unit, named the ‘Duchess of Sutherland’, is still in service in Derbyshire.

The LMS Coronation Class will be available in Rail Nation from 21st February 2019 as a production series for the Cheetah!

Full steam ahead,

Your RN Team